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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laughter is the best drug

It's boring to say, well, 'laughter is the best medicine', because we've heard that a lot, thousand countless times, so it's time to change it, into something fancier and nicely audible to our ears.
Why can't we just say, 'laughter is the best Paracetamol' or something more specific, like 'Laughter is the best Iberet Folic 500 that Abbott has ever manufactured in it's entire productions' for migrain-ers.

So, what's up with laughter? Did I choke hard till death because of laughing MAO. Noooo. But what happened yesterday evening, when I was spending my time with my little cousin, is truly capturing the meaning behind above saying. Pondering yourself about what will happen tomorrow, is really a pain in the ass, as you can always plan, but you can't really execute it the way you envision it to be. Planning is crucial, nevertheless.

This kid, quick-witted kid actually, is my medicine for these unproductive days. He just knows to cuddle himself among grown-ups, and he casts his cuddly face the whole time as long as the face can bear such gaiety gestures, and it is great to be kids again, just by watching him on his homemade blase, an eternally good sport, no matter how tired he is, after hours in school.

Cutting things simpler, my Sony Webbie had captured everything into digital bytes, as I am not gonna pass such gleeful moment, so that it would inspire me to smile more, and just 'LOL' at my problems.

I was trying to be a serious interviewer in there, but as we started, he had pulled the laughing-gas trigger, successfully, and the gas was translated into burst of laughter as he said;

"Okay...who is the ..- I like to play I-SPY game.." [See? Heard enough? He just changed his question just like that, right in the middle, and since then, I can't help myself anymore, for being a serious interviewer in the background]

and then, I asked, "What is I-SPY game?" Along with his trademarked poker face, he did his best part again, shivering all the butterflies in my tummy, as he said,
"What is YOUR COLOR?"
I was like, 'what?'..you can't be serious? Is that the I-SPY type of question, asking people, what is your color? LOL :D. God this kid really deserves a nice spanking on his butt, till it gets red, for his creepy talk. And not enough with that chaos, he barked again,

"Who is the fattest man in the world?" Yeah, like I know one.

He talked about LOL, and surprisingly, he knew WTF too. Sigh. This is the internet era, where kids as small as him, knows lot better than us, the post-adolescents.

And the rest of the video was muffled with more goofy jokes that he made, till the very last second, as I asked him to wave goodbye to the camera, but instead, he teased me with his original, lame but really a pure sarcasm, though he didn't intend so, but he pulled it off, triumphantly, like a real 'Raja Lawak' of Malaysia.

Thanks Nusshan for the silly jokes. It's really helpful for the meantime.


fcukindramaa said...

ur lil brother so funny..
he made me laugh too.

Arin Zahari said...

hi there! thanks! he's my cousin, but yeah. i always consider him as my own lil brother, bcoz he's too awesome for that!

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