A story been written during my sleepless nights, fairly accompanied by my SSRI drugs, a cup of frappucino and a chunk of optimism. Presenting you, my deadly trial on becoming the most random, engineering-major, truly amateur fictional writer, 'Dead Cat For Zoey'. Well, if Sophie Kinsella, Emily Cassel or Stephanie Meyer happen to read my book, please, don't flush mine into your bowl. That's too rude! Haha.
blacky dead cat


What is the story all about? Why Dead Cat?

     This is a story of boy meets girl and shred of hope. The boy, Arin, grew up listening to many sad pop and indie rock songs from mostly American's Death Cab for Cutie till he suggested himself that 'Love is Dead' . The girl, Zoey, on the other hand, doesn't share the same belief. She is an all-natural, barefooting-to-everywhere, and goofy type of girl, but they both share one thing in common - Passion.
    While feeding his wild side of imaginations with his anti-depressant drugs, Arin met Zoey in a strange meeting on a cliff, a place where an accident took place that snatched away the lives of her multi-millionaire American parents. Under the cloudless sky, this is where all the adventure begins - singing in Cameron tea plantation, painting a wall during dark hours, tiptoeing in Putrajaya bridge, making fun of a gibbon in Bukit Merah - as they professed that 'Life is short...live it or leave it'.
    Twelve songs in one infinite playlist, Arin - a dropout, smart but confused and hopelessly romantic, eventually found small but resilient sound of hopes for his Future Plans, with the help from Zoey.

   Just sit back and enjoy this post-modern relationship takes turn from wrong to righteous.