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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

REJECTIONS are tough...and heartrending

I know...I don't like the heading/title I put above either. Nobody likes rejection. The ripple effect of rejection is dejection, for sure.

It happens, again. It took three months to write and produce this book, but it took a minute and three emails to destroy everything, all at once. You have no idea what I'm talking about now, don't you? It's okay, I'll tell you.

If you read previous post, I was so excited about finishing this book and in fact, it is done, with the 'THE END' phrase been put there. With all the joys, punches into the stale air, sleeping soundly with sweet dreams, but I woke up today, with despairs...just another disappointment and rejection of life.
I was looking for a publisher, thus, I emailed few publishing houses. The first one was PTS. It was a great email, great heading, neat and polite Malay sentences, but, well, they said they don't carry English fiction. So, it's fine, I respect that and it is part of their vision and mission to only produce high-quality Malay novels. Again, it's fine, no big deal.

Second, I emailed Alaf21, through one of the employee. I shot them two emails, one on yesterday and one today. After hours of waiting for a reply, I got one. This is when the sense of rejection getting thicker and mind-bloating. They didn't accept English fiction, anymore, because the sale was bad and not getting much responds from readers, Malaysian readers. So, I lost, zero against two. They won, I failed badly.

But it didn't stop there. Two rejections don't make Jack a dull and depressed boy. I google more and more, I type in 'Malaysia novel publishers', 'Malaysia english novel publishers', 'English fiction publishing in Malaysia', 'where to publish book in Malaysia', all sort of keywords, well you get the idea. I also tried 'where the heck is English book publishers in Malaysia' - of course, it won't work that way. I came to one result, it was Ameen Kreatif, another publishing company. Before that, I had a brainchild of looking for local english novel in MPH online bookstore, and there were few, and I checked the publishing companies that came along with those books. So, I tried, but some websites are not active, some show the typical '404 Page NOt Found' and some don't even have websites.

Okay, about Ameen kreatif, they now mostly focusing on Islamic books and Malay literature, but still, I am a stubborn guy, with thick-faced, plus they used to publish english novels. Cutting the story short, I shot them an email, the same wordings I used for previous submissions. The company- a guy, replied few minutes later. Same thing. They don't publish English fictions, no more kid! The reply was honest and naive, so, I accepted it. And so, I accepted all the rejections today.

Is it too much to ask, just to, at least, take a look at the manuscript and we can talk later about publishing it, right? What do you say? I don't know. I feel dejected, depressed. White flag.
What should I do?

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