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Friday, April 16, 2010

There is a light that never goes out

Read the title of this post? Sounding familiar? Well, if you're a fan of the once-upon-a-time British indie band, The Smiths, you might notice it.

"To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die...." - That is part of the lyrics. Curious? Youtube it. Haha.

Hope is a bulb!

So, where are we now? How's the progress of this book?
First, thank a zillion, to all my friends, past and present, and some new supporters who support this project, by signing up as a fan in the facebook page. A friend of mine, Dayah Dayun, she did blog about this book and this rally too - you're the man! (though you're a woman).

I just checked my mailbox today, and...there is a light! Of hope! My senior at Vandy, Aminah, she left a message in my message box in fb, and she asked me to try this publishing house, Silverfish.
Thus, I did as what she said. I shot an email to the only email address they provide, somekind of default email add, like info@blablacompany.com
So, this is what I wrote, that I copied and pasted from my email entry:

Hi there,

I don't know if I am asking the right 'place' or the right people right now, but I am keen and optimist in finding a publisher for my debut book. It's an English fiction and I have contacted lots of publishing houses in Malaysia, like Alaf 21 and PTS, so forth, but none of them is publishing books in English, anymore.

So, the thing is, I want to dedicate this book for my graduating seniors from United States, this coming May, as well as my other friends of my old, alma mater, and I am really hoping my manuscript should be given a chance and a place in this industry.

I have 'google' a lot, looking for publisher. That's why I am asking Silverfish, If they publish or know some publishers that would work well with new, amateur writer like me.

Thanks and hoping,
Azrin Z.

That was my email. And they did reply! Thank GOD! And it sounds...hope, though really a tiny one. So, below is the content of the reply:


First of all there is no way we can get your book out by May even if we agree to publish it. We have a long queue already. Secondly, we have to know what genre your book is in and you have to send us a sample of your writing -- about 20 pages, A4 double spaced, .doc format -- by email and we shall get back to you.

Simple but, at least, gives me a small shed of lights, in publishing this book. So, Im thinking of submitting the first two chapters, for a sample, and a proofread for them.

I hope that everyone will pray that they will LOVE IT, not just like it. Okay? I'll update more about this later. Thanks for your never-ending supports, appreciate it so much! Keep spreading the words~

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