A story been written during my sleepless nights, fairly accompanied by my SSRI drugs, a cup of frappucino and a chunk of optimism. Presenting you, my deadly trial on becoming the most random, engineering-major, truly amateur fictional writer, 'Dead Cat For Zoey'. Well, if Sophie Kinsella, Emily Cassel or Stephanie Meyer happen to read my book, please, don't flush mine into your bowl. That's too rude! Haha.
blacky dead cat

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Will be released sooner! Yeay!

Watch out for the book launching anytime in this month of May 2010. Stay put! Thanks for all the supports.

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~tYa~ said...

congratz dear

-aja- said...

i assume you've got a publisher aye?
definitely buying it~

Anonymous said...

oh did u manage to get it published?

Anonymous said...

really??? great!! congrats..=) send me a copy haha~~ :P


Anonymous said...

yeayY~! ;D

Arin Zahari said...

Thanks everyone! Currently submitting ISBN request form to Pustaka Negara. Will update once the book is ready to b published n marketed! ahaha...t care all!

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